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Extruder common problems and solutions


One, the other poor control

  1). D size inequality: artificially controlled, attention deceleration exception, put tension wire rack up tension, measurement tools abnormalities.

  2). Be adjusted in accordance with printing printing bad bad situation and countermeasures

  3). Scratch: scratch timely replacement eye eye mold mold

  (1) due to over-line guide wheel and storage racks scratch line extraocular have time to adjust to resolve product residue can also cause scratches,

  Fundamentally should replace the material, followed by extrusion temperature upgrade, replace the aperture slightly smaller outer mold (no Gallery section) resolves extraocular cause problems due to slag accumulation of scratches.

  (2) Plastic Scorch: Scorch plastic plastic extrusion process is the common quality defects, their attention were as follows: temperature display ultra high; nose die a lot of smoke,

  Strongly stimulate the taste, there is a popping sound serious; extruded plastic layer coke; glue joints together with a continuous air bubbles; note the main causes are:

  A, temperature control to achieve ultra-high temperature thermal degradation of plastics;

  B, long-unwashed screw extruder, accrued scorch matter with molten plastic extrusion;

  C, warmed or down time, so that long-term heating the plastic barrel is decomposed;

  D, temperature control runaway or inaccurate, resulting pyrolysis;

  E, extrusion machine cooling system is not open, causing shear friction material to overheat.

  Therefore, in the extrusion process should strengthen inspection heating, if the cooling system is working properly; extrusion temperature setting should be based on

  Process requirements and screw speed may be; reasonable control plus temperature and time, regular cleaning extrusion system.

  Second, out of bad things plasticizing

  In temperature control requirements mentioned above have mentioned plasticizing problem, generally poor plasticizing mainly as follows: extruded layer toad skin-like;

  Plastic surface black hair, dull, and there is a small crack; crowded together clad in a clear plastic at the seams; main causes are:

  1) Temperature control is too low, especially in parts of the nose;

  2) the insulating or sheathing compound mixed with other plastic particles of different nature;

  3) Plastic screw turn too fast, not fully plasticized plastics;

  4) quality problems plastic itself.

  For these reasons, it should be noted rationality extrusion temperature control; quality materials combined recipients name should be recognized; not pursue production

  Improves the extrusion speed; depository raw materials, particularly in the plastic drying step; with reasonable die, the extrusion pressure and to enhance the screw reflux.

  Third, squeeze cladding sections have holes or bubbles, because its main produce are:

  1) Temperature control is too high (especially in the feed section);

  2) plastic damp moisture;

  3) long-stay parking, the decomposition of plastic does not exclude clean;

  4) the natural environment with high humidity;

  5) within the cable core or water vapor content is too high.

  For the above reasons, should be reasonable temperature control of each segment of the screw; materials used in advance of pre-drying; stringent operating requirements process, to improve the

  Plasticizing degree of judgment ability; attention to the production environment and material storage warehouse conditions.

  Four, squeeze packet size failed, mainly for partial core; sheath thickness or outside diameter tolerance; their main causes are:

  Extrusion and drawing speed is unstable;

  A) outside diameter of the cable core has changed so much;

  2) reduction caused by high temperature extrusion extrusion amount;

  3) within the plastic block to filter impurities excessive plastic flow is reduced;

  4) retractable cable tension is unstable;

  5) Select the mold core is too large (extruded) or mold core of the wire zone length is too short eccentricity;

  6) Select the mode spacing is inappropriate;

  7) uneven temperature extrusion head;

  8) extrusion die concentricity not adjusted;

  9) the inlet temperature is too high difficulties affecting the feed stream;

  For these reasons, you should always measure the sheath diameter timely adjustments; reasonable matching and adjustment extrusion die; note the change in time retractable cable tension adjustment

  Controlling the temperature to be consistent with the requirements;

  Five, vertical bag with a bonding strength failed, for two main reasons:

  1) extrudate temperature is too low;

  2) ointment filling excessive overflow;

  3) production line speed is too fast, the sheath is rapidly cooled;

  4) Heat sink temperature is too low, and away from the die close;

  5) With mold stretch ratio is too small, or with mold unreasonable, to form a loose package;

  6) vertical composite film bag with high melting point;

  Based on the above reasons, you should pay attention to the requirements with mold, the core adjustments when necessary; not allow rapid cooling jacket is to improve the bonding capacity; should not be given to improve the jacket

  Type ability to reduce excessive head temperature; note the amount of ointment filled to the core with the touch of a finger can be scraped thin layer as well.

  Six, extruded appearance substandard, crowded pack appearance failed mainly for extrusion cladding surface abrasions; rough trachoma or micro-cracks; any defects caused by the amount of plasticizing not.

  The main reason is:

  1) Select the extrusion die sets unreasonable. Too small to cause hemp pattern; too much out of touch or squeeze caused by osteoporosis;

  2) extrusion die sleeve jacket with impurities stuck scratches the surface.

  3) high temperature caused by heating the extruder head rough, or the temperature is too low to cause microcracks;

  4) sets of sizing die area damage;

  5) sheathed in a sink abrasions;

  For these reasons can be excluded or prevent defects in production.

  Actual production, in addition to the defect and the reasons for the phenomenon, as well as cable problem, longitudinally overlapping width issue that featured bamboo shape. We much be in production

  Observe and summarize major and substantive grasp the problem, will be solved, the better the quality level of the cable.

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