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Extrusion machine instructions and frequently asked questions


        First, before starting preparations

  1, turn the power switch of the total gate extrusion machine, and then click open the fuselage sections of the temperature control switch and fan control switch on the machine to warm up.

  2, extrusion production operator, after receiving a single, qualified recipients consistent with the manufacture of a single, all aspects of plastic material number, rubber P number, wire size, color, core materials, specifications, etc.), the team leader of the band Consuming the appropriate mold.

  3, based on the number of plastic material P, set the appropriate temperature, installed after a good mold, according to the raw materials and manufacturing single recipients of raw materials and samples required to determine the three must be consistent, and do a good job the first seizure before switched jobs

  Second, the boot

  1, open the computer, slow rotation, first into 0 ℃ .1-0 ℃ .2KG plastic material in the hopper, the first within a single screw on the remaining residual rubber cleaned before the next feeding, charge glue to the screw mouth to see if plasticized rubber good, and based on a sample of the light traffic and make the appropriate temperature adjustment, will be too slipping through the net, honeycomb panels installed, do not use a wrench, and other metals hit honeycomb panels and locking machine head.

  2, pull a good lead to the lead to take over the lead to take the wheel, there have been double-double sink cooling tank, the conductor through the mold, and marked with scissors or wire needles, regulate the degree of eccentricity, align the rear can start production.

  Process 3, adjusting the machine, the waste lines must be within 20 ℃ 0 ℃ M, Huang Dan with special specifications or wire strands must use fake wire transfer machines, until only after boot OK, because there are many times during the transfer machine down dead material will be produced, must be removed after a good tune changer or a red rubber nose, until smooth rubber boot production.

  4, boot production is generally 30 ℃ M / min, wire partial view learning, products and rubber Rally bright haze and other quality requirements to meet customer requirements, parallel wire should be noted that sub-line can not have approved front, Siamese not tight before closing barrel. Acceleration generally a 30 ℃ M / min starting point, and each must be controlled acceleration model light fog, if the deviation should be adjusted immediately eye mold temperature to achieve customer requirements, and the other wire should be noted that after the partial core accelerated degree change, due to head pressures, timely response to be adjusted.

  5 ℃, the operator after the machine properly, timely completion of independent checklist, fill out

  Third, stop

  1, when the operator based on the number of students in the production of pipe production scheduling table of expected plastic material within the cylinder, single row number to be completed, the operator should pay attention to all of the screw within the plastic material used up, but the production of super single number must be controlled within 5 ℃ 0 ℃ 0 ℃ M.

  2, after the completion of the order, the operator of the machine should be removed to die on stage, and clean, and make sure that no foreign body molds, rubber plug, before return to mold the cabinet, the remaining semi-finished raw materials must be used in the original there labeling and wrapped with PE film, before release to the various provisions of the region, special attention Litz wire specifications distinguish release.

  3, shut down before the operator to deal with the head of each screw removal for maintenance refuel, in order to adjust the flexibility of partial core.

  4, must be within the remaining residue of rubber screw row shutdown finished before the screw temperature control switches, electronic components segment in order to avoid the machine to turn off and then turn off the fan switch subsidiary, and finally the total gate shut, because the current is large for damage.

  5 ℃, turn off the water and electricity, cleaning, and clean the sink, and wipe the surface of Fui Sha's machine.

  Unusual quality and improvement measures Chapter II

  First, the product quality requirements:

  1, peeling: Check the specifications of the conductor strands, loose copper, PVC wire over pink oil, continue to be peeling wire, winding wire through the joint lead.

  2, Appearance: wire surface can not have a dead material, scratches from grain, hemp, bright works of the control sample.

  3, hardness: According to materials manufactured on a single control sample, test wire hardness feel the same.

  4, the partial core: sub-line is not exposed copper, not Popi, white wire to lead powder, not through color, more than 90 ℃% tin wire to stick not Popi, positive and negative twist does not break after 5 ℃ times.

  5 ℃, diameter OD: In accordance with the manufacturing tolerances of plus or minus on a single, transparent, non-metastatic wire requirements limit, because there Peng Zhang after cooling.

  6, color: There are still producing wire with color, you must first use the same material in the production of a number of the same date.

  7, sub-line: Siamese sub-line is not thick, can not have glitches.

  8, Insulation: special wire requirements, such as yellow denier must use a special mode of production, in the production process can not have a paint scraper stranding phenomenon.

  9, Adhesion: pull away from the inner and outer mold will slow down or using pressurized outer mold.

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