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How rational use of extrusion


       The operator must be familiar with their own operating extrusion machines, twisting machines for structural characteristics, in particular, to correctly grasp the structural properties of the screw, heating and cooling control instrumentation features, characteristics and nose assembly and so, in order to properly grasp the extrusion process conditions, the correct operation of the machine. Extrusion of plastic products of different methods of operation are not all the same, but also has its common. Below is a brief description of various products during extrusion machine twisted the same procedure and matters operation should be noted.

  First, the preparatory work before

  (A) for extrusion molded plastic. Should meet the requirements of raw materials needed to dry, if necessary, the need for further drying. Sieved to remove lumps and pellets of raw materials and mechanical impurities.

  (2) Check the twisted machine equipment, water, electricity, gas and all systems are normal, to ensure water, gas flow, no leakage, electrical system is normal, the heating system, temperature control, various instruments are reliable; auxiliary air Low speed machine commissioning, observe whether the device is working properly; start stereotypes vacuum pump, if observed working properly; slippery parts in a variety of equipment lubrication. If found fault immediately removed.

  (3) mounted on the cutter machine head and calibrator. According to product variety, size, head size selected. In the following order will head installed.

  The second point, the boot

  (1) After the thermostat can be turned to open the front of the cutter machine and extrusion machines should head flange bolts tightened once again to eliminate the bolt head difference in thermal expansion, the order of the head of the bolt is tight angle tightening, force should be uniform. When tight head flange nuts, requires around elastic consistent, otherwise run material.

  (2) boot, selected by "Prepare boot" button, followed by "Start" button, then slowly rotate the screw speed adjustment knob, screw speed slow start. Then gradually accelerate, while a small amount of feed. Pay close attention to changes in the host indicating ammeter and a variety of situations indicating meter feeding. Screw torque should not exceed Red Label (typically 65% -75% torque table). Before plastic profiles are extruded, no person shall stand in front of the die to prevent the bolts pulled off or put wet bulb due to reasons such raw materials to produce injury. Plastic extrusion die head from behind, it will take the extrudate to cool slowly and cited the traction device and stereotypes die and start these devices. Then according to the indicated value and control instrumentation requirements for extrusion products. The various parts adjusted accordingly, so that the entire extrusion operations to normal state. And, if necessary add a little material, twin screw extruder using constant feed metering feeder evenly ground.

  (3) When the die out of uniform and plastic material can be excellent traction good people calibrator. Plasticizing degree of judgment to be empirically, the general appearance of the extruded material according to the judge, that shiny surface, no impurities, no foam, coke material and color, hand out material squeezed down to a certain extent does not appear burrs, nicks, a certain flexibility, at this time shows good plasticizing material. If the poor plasticizing screw speed can be adjusted, and the cylinder head temperature, until the requirements of

  (4) In twister extrusion process, the process should require periodic inspection of various process parameters are normal, and fill process sheets. Quality inspection by the quality inspection standard product profiles, identify problems and timely corrective action taken.

  The third point, stop

  (1) stop feeding, plastic will twist inside the crowded light when exposed screw, barrel and head off the power, stop heating.

  (2) Close extrusion machines and auxiliary power supply, so that the screw and auxiliary stop.

  (3) Heading coupling flanges, disassemble nose. Clean up various parts of the perforated plate and nose. To prevent damage to the surface of the nose, the nose of the residual material within the law applied steel, steel in progress to clear up, and then use sandpaper adhering plastic nose mill in addition to, and lighting, coated with oil or silicone anti-rust.

  (4) removal of the screw, barrel, after removing the head, twisted machine to reboot the host, plus downtime material (or broken material), cleaning screw, barrel, then screw selection of low-speed (sr / min or so) to reduce wear. Expected to be shut down completely out of the ground into powder, can of compressed air from the feed inlet and exhaust ports pellets and powder residue blown repeatedly, until the barrel is really no residual material, the screw speed down to zero, stop the extrusion machine , shut off the main power supply and the cold water main valve.

  (5) extrusion should pay attention to safety projects are: electricity, heat, handling and other rotating machinery and bulky parts. Must be equipped with lifting equipment, assembly and disassembly head screw extrusion machines and other heavy parts between machines, in order to ensure the safety of the network cable production equipment.

  Screw the use of twisted machine including machine installation, adjustment, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair and a series of links, it's common to use a general machinery, mainly in the drive motor and reduction gear installations. But working system that is screw extruder extrusion system, but the unique characteristics of electronic line production equipment special attention to its characteristics when using screw extruder.

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