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Phone: 008613763134250


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ROOM 1205, 12/F, 




Company office:

Huifu Science park,Houhu road NO.38,Humen Town, Dongguan city,Guangdong Province.


Power cable equipment:

Xifang road NO.105,Beice,Humen town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province.

Communication wire equipment:

Chongkou Industry park,Houjie town,Donguan city,Guangdong province.

Silicon wire equipment:

Chenfeng road No.90, Chencun village,Humen Dongguan city,Gunagdong province

Test equipment:

Fushou street NO.4,Shangsha zone,Changan town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province 

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[2019/03/07] : France customer visit HOOHA for new cable factory project 26-2-19[2019/03/07] : Africa customer visit for the ABC cable project 29-2-19[2019/03/07] : HOOHA will be in Russia cable fair 2019 March 19-21th Hall 4 A125[2016/11/14] : Tanzanian project for building wire manufacture_31-10-16[2016/11/14] : India customer for the taping machine and extrusion machine_14-11-16[2016/11/14] : Iran customer for the wire extrusion machine for making the electrical wire-17-10-16[2016/11/14] : Russia customer visit us for the Teflon wire machine 27-10-16[2016/11/14] : Algeria customer visit for the extrusion machine and drawing machine_19-10-16[2016/10/06] : HOOHA team on 2016 Shanghai 7th wire and cable fair W3C41-September 26th-29th 2016[2016/09/24] : Cable extrusion machine send to Myanmar-24-9-16[2016/09/24] : Iran visiting delegation viist our factory for the drawing machine_23-9-16[HOOHA Over seas cable machine office was built on 2016] : HOOHA Over seas cable machine office was built on 2016[2016/09/19] : UAE agent for Middle East market_19-9-16[2016/09/08] : Tailand customer vist HOOHA for building cable machine-7-9-2016[2016/09/02] : New Tube stranding machine send to Iran-2-9-16[2016/08/18] : New container to Malaysia for extrusion machine-18-8-16[2016/08/18] : Russia Customer visit our factory for the extrusion machine, drawing machine and CCA machine[2016/07/04] : HOOHA 28th JUNE 2016 delivery[2016/05/21] : Kazakhstan customer visit us for power and building wire machine production line 10-5-16[2016/05/21] : HOOHA customer visit fom India New Dehli
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