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Wind power cable of high and low temperature resistance to torsion testing machine

 Wind power cable of high and low temperature resistance to torsion testing machine
Product Name : Wind power cable of high and low temperature resistance to torsion testing machine
Product ID : HH-WT001
Brands : HOOHA
Delivery : 30 days
Color : customized
Warranty : 12 month
Certification : SGS TUV ISO

HH8099 Wind power cable of high and low temperature resistance to torsion testing machine
A. Scope of application:
L suitable for wind turbines in by the engine room into the tower part and in the process of fan to the wind need to reverse all the cables.
2. Standard:
L conform to TICW / 01-2009 appendix B "wind turbines use cable twist test method".
Three, main technical parameters:
1) sample restrictions:
1.1 inflammable, explosive, easy to volatile substances sample test
1.2 corrosion resistance characteristics test sample
1.3 test of biological sample
1.4 strong electromagnetic emission source of sample test
2) the volume, size and weight:
2.1 nominal content - 1520 l
2.2 studio size 400 * 300 * 300 300 * 300 * 300 (
) test channels ()
2.3 appearance size 1550 x 2500 x 1720
left right height about 9620 channel size 640 x 640 appearance
2.4 total quality is about 2500 kg
Wind power cable test range 2.5: below 35 kv cable test
3) performance:
3.1 test environmental conditions: ambient temperature of 25
, relative humidity r.h. or less, test box under the condition of no sample
3.2 test method: multi-point test
Temperature range: 3.3 to 60 ~ 80

3.4 temperature fluctuation degrees: plus or minus 0.5
or less
Temperature uniformity: 3.5 + / - 3
or less
Adjustable heating time: 3.6
3.7 the cooling time: an average of 0.7 ~ 1.0
/ min
3.8 meet the test standard:
TICW1-2009 wind resistance to distortion of soft cable twist test method
A: GB/T2423.1-2001 test test method at low temperature
B: GB/T2423.2-2001 test high temperature experiment method
IEC794-1 - F1 international electric committee standard
Four, the main configuration
1) the insulation envelope:
The outer wall material: cold rolled galvanized steel coating
The tank material: SUS304 stainless steel plate
+ glass fiber casing thermal insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam
The door and sealing, high temperature resistant silicone
More than 1, 1, air conditioning duct: stainless steel centrifugal blade equipped with 1 set of long axis of the high-temperature air conditioner motor
Cases of standard configuration: 1, 2, test observation window: multilayer insulating resistance to high temperature (500
), glass (200 x 300) distortion control cabinet, frame: 700 x 1300 x 1400
1, 3 door: single hinge door open
1, 4, control panel, power supply, controller, display, control knob
1, 5, power distribution control cabinet: switchboard, fan
1, 6 heater: stainless steel finned heater
1, 7 fixture: cable twisting fixture
1, 8 power cord holes and drain: located at the back of the box body
2) the refrigeration system
2, 1 works: mechanical two stage compression refrigeration system
2, 2 compressor: fully enclosed "TECUMSEH" cascade type unit imported from France
: 2, 3, evaporator finned tube heat exchanger
2, 4: condenser air cooling type, finned tube heat exchanger
2, 5 throttling device: capillary
2, 6 solenoid valve: Italy with danfoss/the United States
2, 7 filters: danfoss in Italy
2, 8 brass: high-quality oxygen-free copper pipe, nitrogen filled welding
2, 9 suspension modules: compressor: spring damping refrigeration system: integral quadratic damping
3) the refrigerant: R23, R404a

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