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High quality DX8304 conductor resistance clamp

High quality DX8304 conductor resistance clamp
Product Name : High quality DX8304 conductor resistance clamp
Product ID : HH-014
color : grey
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DX8304 conductor resistance clamp



Conductor resistance clamp for testing, such as wire, cable conductor resistivity device, when use low resistance tester


-standards compliant:

GB3048.2GB3048.4GB 5013GB5023IEC 60245-2IEC 60227IEC 60468



Measure the wire length: 1 m

The maximum measured section: 120mm² (diameter: 0.5 ~ 12 mm); 2000mm² (diameter: 25 mm); 8000mm² (50 mm) diameter:

Current terminal and voltage side span: 60 mm



This fixture and bridge or low dc resistance tester, can greatly reduce   the error between the measured and clamp with two sets of change    chuck and a pair of miniatureterminal, current end shape is rectangular  shape tiger mouth, can make the current client contact with good sample,made the current uniform distribution in the tested wire core, reduce the influence on  measuring contact resistance; Suitable for measuring the  

round wire, wire, fan wire dc resistance of a conductor, also can be    attached to the terminal measuring 0.1 mm the following all kinds of    enameled wire


TH2512B low dc resistance tester



TH2512B DC low resistance tester is intelligent, wide range, precision dc resistance test equipment for transformer and inductor winding copper resistance, relay contact resistance, switches, connector contact resistance, lead resistance, contact resistanceof soldered joints, India system board line and hole resistance, metal detection, and so on. Used in the production line, you can use HANDLER interface and GPIB interface (optional) output PASS / FAIL signal, in order to improve the production line automated testing capabilities.


-TH2512B technical parameters:

Basic accuracy ----------- 0.1% of reading + 2 words

Display range-------------- 0.001 mΩ - 19.999 kΩ

Test current---------------- 1 A, 100 mA, 10 mA, 1 mA, 100 μA

Range----------------------- 20 mΩ, 200 mΩ, 2 Ω, 20 Ω, 200 Ω, 2 kΩ, 20 kΩ

Each Range Resolution-------- 1 μΩ, 10 μΩ, 100 μΩ, 1 mΩ, 10 mΩ, 100 mΩ, 1 Ω

Measurement speed (times / second)----------- Fast: 10, Slow: 2.5

Range mode------------- automatically keep

Operating temperature and humidity------------ 0 - 40 , ≤90% RH

Power requirements---------------- 198 V - 242 V AC, 47.5 Hz - 52.5 Hz

Power consumption----------------- ≤30 VA

Dimensions---------------- (W × H × D) 270 mm × 110 mm × 330mm

Weight---------------------- about 3.3 kg

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