Hooha Has Established a Business Relationship with TriCab Company

The customer's purchase requirement was testing equipment, and there were certain requirements for the technical parameters of the equipment, so customized services were required. There were not many manufacturers on the market that could meet customer customization requirements. We were one of them, customers then started contacted with us.

In response to customer requirements for equipment details, we have arranged a dedicated technical team to carry out a discussion with our customers, and each details was customized to meet customer requirements. Throughout the communication process, our customer expressed that the communication process was very smooth, revealing their recognition of our service attitude and professional skills. Finally, the customer reached a cooperation with us within half a month.

Because customers urgently needed this equipment, we prepared the equipment in the shortest time according to the customer's customized requirements, which was twice as short as the average delivery time in the industry. This successfully solved our customer's time problem and made a deep impression on the customer.

Based on this pleasant cooperation experience, the customer continues to place new orders with us from then on. We are very grateful to our customers for their recognition of our work, which will strengthen our determination to continuously improve our product quality and service.