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HOOHA Team In Europe,Turkey,November 2023.

with hard working , finally the machine has arrived client's factory and HOOHA will go to Turkey in November to provide after-sales service
In the beginning of November, HOOHA will send a professional after-sales service team to our client factory in Turkey to conduct installation and debugging of silicone & teflon extrusion machines that have just been transported to the their factory.
This team composed of technical elites from HOOHA , will engage in intense and orderly work after arriving at the Turkish customer factory. They first install all the machines and then conduct a comprehensive inspection of the installed machines to ensure that each machine meets the highest quality standards. During the inspection process, if they discover some issues that may require adjustment or repair, they will immediately address them.
After the machine inspection and maintenance are completed, HOOHA's team will also provide customers with a series of professional training courses to help them better use and maintain these machines. These training courses include operating procedures, safety procedures, daily maintenance and simple troubleshooting.
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our team running the machines in client's factory is at : , get more technical details welcome to call us +8613532680721