HH-C-1000T Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Machine

HH-C-1000T Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Machine
HH-C-1000T Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Machine HH-C-1000T Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Machine HH-C-1000T Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Machine HH-C-1000T Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Machine HH-C-1000T Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Machine
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FOB Price: 120,000 ~ 150,000 USD

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

Delivery Time: 60 working days

Plant Dimension(L*W*H): 15m*6m*6.5m

Production Speed: Max 3 m/min

Power Request: 100 kw

Warranty: 12 months

Product Description



The upward continuous casting production line is used to produce the long and bright oxygen-free copper rod and copper tube. The mainly process is that, put the copper cathode into the melting furnace straightly. It will be melted into liquid by frequency inductor. And the liquid of copper will flood into the holding furnace automatically and smoothly through the transition house, and then it will be deoxidized by the charcoal or graphite flake covered. The holding furnace keeps the copper liquid temperature in 1150℃±10℃. The upward continuous casting machine crystallizes the copper liquid in crystallizer quickly, then continuously produces copper rod, then the final product will be finished through the guide wheel frame and the tension frame to the take up machine and other accessory equipment.




1. Control the oxygen content of copper rods to eliminate the hollow core technology.

After nearly five years of continuous improvement and exploration, we has developed a unique technology, which can effectively eliminate the oxygen content of air-core and will control the 10ppm range of advanced core technology.


2. Low energy consumption, energy consumption in a single tonne 20% lower than that of similar devices.

We have a great improvement in frequency furnace structure and sensors. Replaced by the W-type-furnace melting pot, the O-type-furnace, original power consumption per ton of molten copper 400 KWH drop to 350 KWH. So that saving energy of more than 20%. To the country saving valuable resources,meanwhile, to customers reducing production costs. Thus achieved remarkable social and economic benefits for the copper processing industry, energy saving and has made outstanding contributions.


3. Removable sensors, flexible maintenance, short repair time

In upcast machines, the life of the hearth is generally a year and a half to two years, and the sensor is one year; our company‘s structure has been specifically designed so that the sensor can be disassembled, only the maintenance of sensors to ensure the furnace. Greatly reducing maintenance costs.


4. Computer control, servo drive system, man-machine  conversation interface

We developed a computer control program to control high precision, with our own intellectual property; our clients are entitled to permanent free program upgrades.


5. Automatic controlling take-up, more than 3 tons single rolling weight

Winding system using frequency conversion control, linked the upward, realizes the high precision line, whose single plate rewinder weight over 3 tons, the heaviest up to four tons, which is in domestic industry leader.


6. The highest grade of the heat-resistant furnace material

Our company independently research and produce the furnace material, which uses the heat resistant level-1790 degrees and alusite as main material, the heat resistance level is higher than other manufacturers of 1300-degree heat resistance level, improved the furnace service life.




NO. Description Quantity Picture

Melting-holding furnace

1 set

2 strands pulling machine system

1 set

Electric system(6 cabinets)

1 set

Automatic rod collecting system

1 set








Annual output

1000 tons


Strands Quantity

2 strands


Pulling pitch

1-5mm adjustable


Pulling speed

0~3.2 m/min


Rod diameter

Φ8-20 (customize)


Inductor furnace style

Combined style joint furnace


Type of drive

Servo motor drive


Take-up type

Computer automatic control


Coil weight

More than 3 tons


Continuous casting machine

PLC controlled, touch screen


Running capacity



Installation capacity



Every ton of molten copper capacity





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