What's The GYXTW Cable?

What's The GYXTW Cable?
What's The GYXTW Cable? What's The GYXTW Cable? What's The GYXTW Cable? What's The GYXTW Cable? What's The GYXTW Cable?
Product Attributes :

The GYXTW Optical Cable Is a type of optical fiber cable and it Is Used For Long-Distance Telecommunications And Data Transmission. The Cable Consists Of Two Optical Fibers That Are Surrounded By A Dielectric Material. The Dielectric Material Helps To Protect The Optical Fibers From Damage And Also Helps To Reduce Signal Loss.

Structurally The GYXTW Cable Consists Of The Following Components.

1.1-12 Cores Coloured Fiber Core

2.Steel Wire Armoured

3.Steel Wire/FRP Support

4.PE Jacket

Product Description

How To Produce The GYXTW Cable?

These Production Lines Are Needed In The Equipment To Complete

1.235 Coloring And Rewinding Machine To Coloring The 1-12 Cores Fiber Core

2.50 IPC+PLC Control Loose Tube Cable Production Line To Finish The PBT Tube And Filling The Jelly Inside It

3.90 IPC+PLC Control Sheathing Production Line To Do The Steel Wire Armoured/Steel Wire/FRP With Jacket Both.






1.Loose Tube Pay Off: Put On The Loose Tube From The First Step’s Take Up, Lifting By Electrical, Siemens Motor Plus Emerson Drive.

2.Messenger Wire Pay Off* 2 Sets: Put On The Messenger Wire.

3.Double Heads Steel Aluminum Tape Pay Off: Put On Steel-Aluminum.

4.On-Line Seam Welding Device: Joint Weld Steel& Aluminum Tape When Changing One Tape Drum To Another.

5.Metal Tape Corrugating Device: Corrugated The Steel Aluminum Before Extruder.

6.Metal Tape Longitudinal Forming Device: Longitudinal Forming And Fixed Diameter Before The Extruder

7.Aramid Yarn Pay Off: Twist The Aramid Yarn With The Loose Tube After Aluminum,The Tension Control By Each’ Magnetic Damping.

8.Dryer And Automatic Hopper Machine: Will Hopper And Dryer The Raw Material By Automatic.

9.Main Extruder: Using The Best Quality Screw From China, Extrusion The PE/PVC Material. And The Motor Using Siemens.

10.Control Cabinet: PLC+IPC Control, More Easy Operation For The Worker, The Transducer Using American Emerson, Other Electric Parts Using Schneider.

11.Warm And Cooling Water Trough: Cooling The Wire Down Slowly.

12.Diameter Gauge: Display The Actual Diameter Of The Cable To The Operator.

13.Capstan:Power: 7.5KW Siemens Motor + Deceleration Box + 7.5KW American Emerson Transducer + Speed-Governor.

14.Cylinder Dancer: Linkage With The Take-Up, Potentiometer + Cylinder Control

15.800-1600mm Gantry Type Take Up: Motor: Siemens, Drive: Emerson, Touch Screen: Siemens, PLC System: Siemens S7-1200



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