Steel wire, galvanized wire Tubular stranding machine

Steel wire, galvanized wire Tubular stranding machine
Steel wire, galvanized wire Tubular stranding machine Steel wire, galvanized wire Tubular stranding machine Steel wire, galvanized wire Tubular stranding machine Steel wire, galvanized wire Tubular stranding machine Steel wire, galvanized wire Tubular stranding machine
Product Attributes :

1.stranded material : Steel wire, galvanized wire

2.Wire strand diameter before twisting (mm): 1.5-3.5

3.Maximum working speed of cylinder design (r/min):650 

Product Description

I. Main technical parameters


Stranded material

Steel wire, galvanized wire

Maximum tensile strength of raw materials [MPa]


Wire strand diameter before twisting (mm)


Strand diameter after twisting (mm)

4.5-9.6 (conductor diameter13.5)

Twist range (mm)

40-102(Infinitely adjustable)

I-shaped wheel inside the cylinder

Model 500(Party A provides drawings)

Number of I-shaped wheels in the body


Center wire pay-off I-shaped wheel

500-1000Party A provides drawings

Take-up I-shaped wheel (mm)

800-1000Party A provides drawings

Maximum working speed of cylinder design (r/min)


Recommended operating speed [r/min]


Main motor power (kw)


Main motor starting time

less than 60 seconds

Main motor pole number, control method

4P, frequency conversion control

Operation direction

from left to right

Pay-off tension control method

Chain+friction block+spring

Barrel material

20 steel

Cylinder threading method

External threading

Cylinder support method

Large bearing support

Large bearing lubrication and sealing

Circulating thin oil lubrication, labyrinth seal, aluminum alloy oil slinger and oil retaining ring, good heat dissipation performance

Large bearing accuracy


Large bearing seat material

Ductile iron, good vibration damping

Host base structure

H-shaped steel is tailor-welded with sufficient rigidity. After welding, the internal stress is removed and annealed. Gantry milling is performed. The upper and lower sides are finely milled.

Wire mold inner hole size (mm)

Center stocks: Φ25

Outer winding strand: Φ15

Wire mold material


cylinder brake

It adopts pneumatic caliper brake, and each cylinder is equipped with a pair of brakes. The cylinder stops rotating in 3 to 5 seconds during emergency braking, and the brake is applied when power is lost.

Brake disc material

Nodular cast iron

Offline parking protection function

Use galvanized pipe to detect broken wires and stop the machine immediately if the broken wires

Safety cover structure form

Made of cold-rolled steel plate, fully enclosed design, sliding door structure or electric flipping

Safety cover viewing window

Using glass with bulletproof film

Strand head Angle


Distribution reel structure


Stamping device

Axially adjustable; die size: 120x60x(30+30)mm

Die force

Built-in compression spring, the pressing force can be adjusted manually

Traction method

Driven by a variable frequency motor, dual active traction wheels reduce slippage, and the traction wheels have double supports.

Traction motor


Continuous stock function during power outage


Traction wheel structure

8 slots + 7 slots

Traction wheel groove size (mm)

Groove bottom diameter Φ1000;R10

Traction wheel material


Traction sheave groove hardness


Counting meters

Mechanical + electrical dual meter counting

Reserved installation length of rear deformer

2.5 meters


Party A brings its own

Take-up machine

Independent variable frequency motor drive, electric clamping, electric lifting

Take-up motor


Take-up tension control method

Using torque control

Arrangement form

Ball screw cable arrangement, servo motor drive


1. The operation panel has a human-machine interface display. The panel is equipped with functions such as running, stop, emergency stop, wire breakage, safety cover opening, speed display, lay length, and inverter failure.

2. The take-up machine is equipped with start and stop buttons.

3. A broken wire detection mushroom emergency stop button is installed in the car body, and the car body cover is equipped with an electronically controlled operating box equipped with start, stop, jog, and emergency stop buttons.

2. Main accessories brands


Big bearing brand

Luoyang Huigong or Wafangdian Guangyang Bearing

Main motor

China brand Motor

Frequency converter






Other electrical components

Schneider, Chint

Electric control cabinet

One set of main electric control, the touch screen is installed on the electric control operating table

3. Installation and debugging


Anchor bolts

Party B provides anchor bolts

Power supply requirements

Three-phase four-wire system 380V

Air supply pressure

Party A is responsible for connecting the compressed air to the equipment, with air pressure ≥0.5MPa

Wire and Cable

Party A is responsible for connecting the wires to the equipment control cabinet

Installation and debugging

Party B is responsible for installation and debugging, and Party A is responsible for foundation grouting and accommodation of installation and debugging personnel. Party B provides equipment foundation diagrams and a detailed list of wearing parts.

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